When an order is shipped out through ShipFIMS (also known as Economy International), it is picked up by FedEx and checked in through U.S. customs in Newark New Jersey. With this process, when it reaches your country and goes through customs, your local postal office will take the package from there, not FedEx; therefore your tracking will not update again until the package arrives to its final destination.

If you would like further updates, please email us at info@norsefoundry.com with your FedEx tracking number saying you would like your local postal tracking number. With that tracking number, you can look up your packages progress as soon as it passes customs in your country on your local postal offices website. There will be a time where neither tracking number is updating since the package is is being processed through customs. Please allow for up to two weeks per a customs.

Keep in mind to get any updates from FedEx about your package, do not reach out to FedEx. If you have a question about your package either reach out to your local postal office or ShipFIMS (FedEx has a different data base and will tell you your package does not exist).